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The CaRLCA is proud to recognize the  affiliates listed below. These are independent organizations are not governed by the CaRLCA.

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Legislation on the home Front...Postal Employees & Retirees working together in California

Coalition Goals:

Meet the USPS Legislative challenge

Educate our Representatives about the United States Postal Service

Become contacts for elected representatives

Attack and respond to any anti-USPS legislation or negative media articles

Improve our working relationships as USPS Employees and Retirees

Coalition Objectives

Act as Postal Legislative watch advocate

Organize issues to carry to our representatives

Deliver a unified Postal Service message

Educate our members on the importance of being "Legislatively Smart"


National Association of Letter Carriers

National Postal Mail Handlers Union

National Association of Postal Supervisors

National League of Postmasters of the United States

National Associaltion of Rurla Letter Carriers

American Postal Workers Union

National Association of Postmasters of the United States

National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association

The California Postal Legislative Coalition is comprised of members of associations and unions who represent active California Postal Employees and Federal/Postal Retirees.

Members of this group participate voluntarily.  They work to educate both state and federal legislators about postal issues and to keep Postal Employees up to date on legislation that would impact them and the Postal Service.


We must be included as powerful voices and educated voters that support the candidates who support our issues!  As postal employees and retirees we are very aware that our responsibilities go far beyond delivering mail.  We are important for the vital service we provide to thousands of communities and for the contribution we make to civic life in California and throughout the nation.


Frances Barfield, Mary DiGioia, Lois Johnson, Marsha Danzy, Ralph Petty, Robert Martin 

National Association of Postal Supervisors

Ron Jones

National Association of Letter Carriers  (NALC)

Richard Siu & Ernie Grijalva

National Postal Mail Handlers Union  (NPMHU)

Phil Warlick, Susan Hammer, 

American Postal Workers Union  (APWU)

Clarice Golden & Pam Brooks

National Association of Postmasters of the United States  (NAPUS)

Norma Powell & Shari Hetzler

National League of Postmasters of the US  (NLPUS)

Helen Zajac

National Active & Retired Federal Employees  (NARFE)

Jeanne Anne Landi

National Postal Rural Letter Carriers Association  (NARLC)



                              President          Jeanne Anne Landi                   Vice President                Laura Byrnside                            Advisor           Carlon Hollis                                        Secretary                 Kathy Short

       In 1946 the national convention was held in Des Moines, Iowa.  Five females (lady carriers) attended the convention.  They were LaVergne Shipley of Lisle, Missouri; Lucille Couchman of Sewal, Iowa; Rowena Samples of Aston, Missouri; Nella Drybread of Edinburg, Indiana and Georgiana Peet-Miller of Ithaca, Michigan.  These ladies decided to meet at a nearby drug store for “afternoon tea” to get to know each other and discuss their particular job problems.  Keep in mind at this point in history, women were not exactly welcomed into the workforce and the NRLCA was not empowered to function as a labor organization until the Postal Reorganization Act of 1971.  At the end of the social hour, they decided to meet again on Tuesday at the next national convention.  The next year seven ladies attended, and a tradition was born.  The club has continued to meet at each national convention.

       Thus, was the beginning of the Lady Carriers’ Club.  The club has grown over the years with many of our male carriers participating.  Officers were elected to keep order and plan meetings.   Ms. Georgiana Peet-Miller attended all national conventions until well into her mid 90’s.  The club founded a scholarship for Graduate School in 1996 honoring Ms. Georgiana for her pioneering efforts.  The club has continued throughout the years as a social gathering and has remained firm in their efforts to refrain from becoming involved in the political process of the Association.

Membership is available to all members of the NRLCA and our dues are still $5.00 per year.  All dues and money that is raised are to fund the scholarship, none of us take any salary.  Our main avenue of support for the Graduate Scholarship has been our silent auction, luncheon, membership and donations at our national conventions.  We solicit your support and membership, and any donations can be sent throughout the year. 

If you would like to become a member for $5.00 or to donate whatever you can, mail your check or money order to our secretary Kathy Short, 1934 Merry Oaks Railton Road, Smiths Grove, Kentucky 42171.  Please make your donation out to NRLCA Lady Carriers’ Club. 

THANK YOU to all that have supported and continue to support the Lady Carriers’ Club. 

Lady Carriers' Club President Jeanne Anne Landi

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Hi everybody. My name is Alex Love. I am the current President of the CaRLCA Auxiliary. We have an
active board which consists of; Vice President- Jim Liles, Secretary Daryn Lumel, Treasurer Charles
Hedrick, Chaplain Esta Hedrick, Executive Board Member Ed Kennedy and Wakin Davenport.

The CaRLCA is an organization that encourages family participation. The Auxiliary consists of spouses of
Rural Carriers.  There is also a Junior Auxiliary with children and grandchildren of Rural Carriers as
According to Article II of the CaRLCA Auxiliary Constitution, our purpose is to " unite fraternally its
members, to help create a greater interest in rural mail service and association work, and to cooperate
with  the California Rural Letter Carriers' Association to seek beneficial legislation."
In support of PAC I have contacted my Congressman encouraging his support on Postal Legislation and
hope you all do too!
Along with the work there is a lot of fun. While Rural Carriers conduct the business of the Association at
State Convention, the Auxiliary hosts the Junior auxiliary. This means that Rural Carriers with children
can come to convention bring their children and participate with their fellow carriers. The kids spend the
day with us until the close of business each day. We teach the kids parliamentary process, which enables
them to run their own meetings. We take them on excursions i.e., water parks, Sea world, movies and
the zoo. We also spend some afternoons at the hotel pool with lots of pizza!
The CaRLCA Auxiliary also funds and awards four state scholarships. The National Auxiliary funds and
awards eight scholarships to children, grandchildren, spouses and Rural Carriers. For information on
scholarship applications please contact me. Hope to see you all again soon. Stay healthy!
Contact information: Alex Love- Phone: 530-620-4769 or 530-207-6821

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